New Q Code ( Kode Q Versi Baru )

 from Ron , AE5NO :

QWK : Going to work,
QBQ  : Know a good BBQ place?
QCF   : Going for coffee
QGA  : Stopping for gas
QBR  : I need a beer
QHO  :Headed for home
QTF  : Traffic is bad
QHD : Going to Home Depot
QXL  : Picking up the XYL
QKD : Picking up kids
QLT : I’m late!
QTO : On the way to breakfast
QDT : Done That
QBT : Been there
QDW : That Doesn’t Work
QWW : That Won’t Work
QIX : The XYL is in the car. Don’t mention anything I just bought
from Mark, ;K8MHZ :
QCP : Call me on my cell phone (I'll call you on your cell phone)
QFQ : Am I full quieting? (You are full quieting)
QIF : Can you hear me on the input frequency? (I can hear you on the input frequency)
QWN : Do I have wind noise? (You have wind noise)
QAW : Do you hear alternator whine? (I hear alternator whine)
QIN : Do you hear ignition noise? (I hear ignition noise)
QFB : Are you on Facebook? (I am on Facebook)

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  1. Ilmu baru,harus menghapal lagi nieh.Kirim QSL ke Papau yach bos!? Canda,hehehe.Nice post,happy weekend and happy blogging.


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